Russell Radefeld Russell Radefeld

Digital Marketer


(785)  213-0773


A high caliber digital native with over 14 years experience fighting to drive a fortune 500 company to go further, do more and live outside our comfort zone.  
A rare talent, gifted with not only a deep technical understanding who can relate to digital agencies and hold them to task, but also the acumen for business strategy and the ability to clearly communicate the complex and often foreign digital concepts to board room boomers. His passion is in surveying the vast landscape of digital, building and influencing great teams, and assembling the pieces to deliver marketing campaigns that show returns and make the competition wish they had someone like him.

Areas of Focus

Digital Strategy

Driving the organization's vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives to digitally bring our mission to life


Leading Insights

Leveraging digital to identify trends, consumer behavior and marketing opportunities to fuel growth



Brand Engagement

Deliver on Brand conversation where and when the consumer wants, in their language.

Actionable Analytics

Test, track and optimize. Ensuring our best is, in fact, the best through actionable metrics


Team Leadership

Developing highly effective, resourceful and collaborative teams proven to deliver in a fast paced environment


Crisis Management

Leveraging the power of digital to meet the consumer and their concerns where they choose to have the discussion